Daily Archives: July 8, 2009

60’s and 70’s Nostalgia


It was such a great evening. The band Country Express "making a comeback" after 20 – 25 years. The "boys" were playing as well as ever and even, after a while, looked the same : ) yeah still going strong !

Only three weeks ago we were in Ekenäs attending the old vechiles event and now we made the about 100 km drive there again. It was worth the driving.

Ramsholmen is a very nice small, island.   

It really felt like turning time back to the end of the 60’s. Plenty of people. Most aged + 50, +60, +70 and even +80.

Also the other band, not as familiar to us, Greger & Buffalos were great.

Me and hubby danced which we had not done in 41 years ! !

The evening was a bit chilly and it was drizzling by and by. Good thing was there were hardly no mosquitoes.

We were back home at about 2:10 AM.






Greger & Buffalos

Country express about to start, talking to fans