Midsummer 2009

Also this Midsummer we were invited by our friends to celebrate midsummer together at their summer place. The day was pretty cold and gray. It was dizzling and raining almost all the time. Soon Sanna’s sister and brother in law arrived. I think it’s the third midsummer we spent together all six of us. 

Now a days we don’t meet "the boys" too often. Today we were lucky to meet the younger one of the boys with his girlfriend. Such a lovely couple. They soon left to celebrate with their friends.

Wonderful, delicious midsummer food ! New potatoes, fresh salads and for dessert strawberries and ice cream. Yammi ! !

We had sauna bath. None of us went for a swim as the water in the lake was only + 16 C. Also we had the absolutely one midsummer must: "grillattu makkara" grilled sausage. It smells sooo good. Both Viivi and Canelo patiently awaiting for some too. Eventually the waiting paid off and boy were they happy having small bits of "makkara".

"Our Midsummer Bonfire" 

Guess who fell asleep before midnight  ! ? ! Yup, hubby ! So soon after we both went to bed. Sanna was able to stay awake till two in the morning. Christer, Leena and Rauli all made it till four in the morning.

Next morning we had a wonderful brunch. Weather still gray, bit chilly and some dizzling.

  At about noon we left. Here Viivi is waving bye to Canelo. Well . . . I think she really could not figure out where he was !

Yes, we had a great time. Thanks guys for having us thanks.


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