2009 May 16 Orimattila


Back home from the road trip on Wednesday 13th we didn’t even unpack as we were to leeave for Orimattila on Saturday 16th to stay the night in Lahti. It was time for the yearly event of Orimattila fleamarket, old cars-,  old bices etc show . . . yes anyhting you can think of. The day was warm and sunny as was last year too. It’s one of the most popular events with about 250 – 300 "exhibitors" and lots of visitors. We stayed there for many hours.

Many had already left when we too decided to leave for Lahti and the Mukkula Camping. Ooooh NO ! Our motorhome had sank into the ground ! The more we tried to get away the more the wheels digged into the mud. When we came we didn’t notice the ground was a bit wet and soft as it, to us,  looked OK. Nothing else to do than call for towing service. Good thing was there was one right in the neighborhood who came in just 10 minutes and had us winched back on solid ground in 5 minutes. The cost; 60 euro : (   so embarrassing and such an unnecessary cost. With that kind of money we could have had a nice dinner instead. Later in the evening we were already able to laugh . . . 60 euro laugh. I wish I had shot a picture of the truck winching our car from the mud but I was too upset at the moment to remember I stood there camera in my hand.

In Lahti it hit us that we had forgotten to give Canelo his lunch. Ooooh my poor little sweet Canelo  . . . on his birthday, turned 3 years. He was starving and didn’t even take the time to jump down from the bed to eat.


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