Road Trip 2009 May 13

As we still had some 350 km drive to Kapellskär we had put the alarmclock on 3 AM. We made coffee and were on the road at about 3:30 AM. As we had not been able to get in touch with the shipping company to rebook our return we were a bit worried about if we would be able to get on the morning departure. We arrived in Kapellskär in good time and were to told there was enough capacity for us to get aboard. Great !


Eight hours on the ship. I should have brought a towel for Canelo to put on the bed. You could see the gray pawmarks on the clean white sheet ! We had a nice breakfast, took a nap and had a good lunch. Canelo too had some lunch and some water. We took him out on the deck where was a "litterbox" for dogs. Only he gave us a look telling  . . . really, what are you thinking of . . . I ain’t gonna use that one !

It all had been so nice. I am so happy our dear old motorhome took us safely back home without any problems . . . not even a flat tyre. Open-mouthed


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