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Goddaughter’s Youngest One


Yesterday we went to our granddaughter’s to pick up the car our son bought from them.

Minea, goddaughter’s younges one, was so happy to see us again so soon. She was adorable showing all of us her room, her stuff, the bunnies etc. She was little miss happy sunshine.

She wanted Canelo to meet "Batman". Canelo’s first meeting with a bunny. He was so excited and was disappointed not been letting in.

Minea and "Batman". 

When we were ready to leave, it made us so sad and broke my heart to hear the sweet little girl crying so hard, big tears running down her cheeks, not wanting us to take their car.

We will be meeting them all again today and I really do hope she has been able to forget and forgive us taking their car.

Goddaughter Visiting Us

What a super-duper wonderful day we had yesterday ! Our goddaughter Linda & kids Sandra, Rasmus and Minea were visiting us. After having coffee we went down to the lake. On the way back we stopped by the playground.


Ain’t no mountain high enough Wink

Surprise, surprise . . . Linda’s car changed owner . . . it turned out it was for sale on the net and as our son had, for some time, been looking for a car he bought it 🙂

Thanks Linda and kids for coming !  

Midsummer 2009

Also this Midsummer we were invited by our friends to celebrate midsummer together at their summer place. The day was pretty cold and gray. It was dizzling and raining almost all the time. Soon Sanna’s sister and brother in law arrived. I think it’s the third midsummer we spent together all six of us. 

Now a days we don’t meet "the boys" too often. Today we were lucky to meet the younger one of the boys with his girlfriend. Such a lovely couple. They soon left to celebrate with their friends.

Wonderful, delicious midsummer food ! New potatoes, fresh salads and for dessert strawberries and ice cream. Yammi ! !

We had sauna bath. None of us went for a swim as the water in the lake was only + 16 C. Also we had the absolutely one midsummer must: "grillattu makkara" grilled sausage. It smells sooo good. Both Viivi and Canelo patiently awaiting for some too. Eventually the waiting paid off and boy were they happy having small bits of "makkara".

"Our Midsummer Bonfire" 

Guess who fell asleep before midnight  ! ? ! Yup, hubby ! So soon after we both went to bed. Sanna was able to stay awake till two in the morning. Christer, Leena and Rauli all made it till four in the morning.

Next morning we had a wonderful brunch. Weather still gray, bit chilly and some dizzling.

  At about noon we left. Here Viivi is waving bye to Canelo. Well . . . I think she really could not figure out where he was !

Yes, we had a great time. Thanks guys for having us thanks.

Classic car show in Tammisaari 13.6.

Last Saturday we were in Tammisaari where was held yet an other Classic car show and other old vehicles as well.

Flowers, flowers, flowers : ) Tammisaari market square.

 So many beautiful things in here.

The red car above looks pretty much the same as the one in the old picture below of hubby’s grandfather.

Julia & her Mom visiting us

It was absolutely wonderful having  Julia and her mom Monica visiting us last Monday on June 1st. It was the warmest day of the summer, so far, 29 degrees Celsius. We walked down to the lake. First day out of school there were so many kids, all having lots of fun in the water. Julia really had wanted to join them. Not having her  bathingsuite with her, Monica and me tried to talk her to go in her undies but nope, nope, nope. Well OK . . . I do understand, neither would I have at 8 !   


In the beg. of october 2006 when we visited them on our way back home from Lappland. Julia so much wanted to stay the night in the camper. Only then we had to go home as we already had made promises for the next morning. She still is looking forward to spend the night in the camper. We probably will be going northwards in the end of the summer and hopefully will be able to make her wish come through.

Congrats Jenny

Congratulations Jenni. Well done !

We were so happy to be encluded to celebrate our young, lovely friend Jenni on her graduating.  By the way Jeni and Elina are sisters. Jenny too loves dogs and have one of her own. Or  . . . let me think . . . could it be she’s got two now a days. 

Visiting Elina

Sunday May 17 we planned to make a sightseeing tour around the lake Vesijärvi but after just driving for a while I changed my mind remembering our dear friend Elina is living less than an hour drive away. For times and times again both Elina and us had talked about us visiting there. So I made a call to check whether she’d be at home and could we come. Yup . . . was OK to stop by. 

 Elina with the about 4 – 5 months old twins . . . cuties. The 2,5 year old boy just was about to go with his grandparents to catch some fish so we only were able to wave him hi and bye. 

Elina with more twins ! Eh no . . . actually there’s six of these cuties.

A happy mom and starving puppies. I can’t remember the name of the proud mom as Elina has 4 or 5 or maybe 6 dogs of her own.

The day was fantastic. The pancake & icecream was yammi. Thanks Elina for having us there.

2009 May 16 Orimattila


Back home from the road trip on Wednesday 13th we didn’t even unpack as we were to leeave for Orimattila on Saturday 16th to stay the night in Lahti. It was time for the yearly event of Orimattila fleamarket, old cars-,  old bices etc show . . . yes anyhting you can think of. The day was warm and sunny as was last year too. It’s one of the most popular events with about 250 – 300 "exhibitors" and lots of visitors. We stayed there for many hours.

Many had already left when we too decided to leave for Lahti and the Mukkula Camping. Ooooh NO ! Our motorhome had sank into the ground ! The more we tried to get away the more the wheels digged into the mud. When we came we didn’t notice the ground was a bit wet and soft as it, to us,  looked OK. Nothing else to do than call for towing service. Good thing was there was one right in the neighborhood who came in just 10 minutes and had us winched back on solid ground in 5 minutes. The cost; 60 euro : (   so embarrassing and such an unnecessary cost. With that kind of money we could have had a nice dinner instead. Later in the evening we were already able to laugh . . . 60 euro laugh. I wish I had shot a picture of the truck winching our car from the mud but I was too upset at the moment to remember I stood there camera in my hand.

In Lahti it hit us that we had forgotten to give Canelo his lunch. Ooooh my poor little sweet Canelo  . . . on his birthday, turned 3 years. He was starving and didn’t even take the time to jump down from the bed to eat.

Road Trip 2009 May 13

As we still had some 350 km drive to Kapellskär we had put the alarmclock on 3 AM. We made coffee and were on the road at about 3:30 AM. As we had not been able to get in touch with the shipping company to rebook our return we were a bit worried about if we would be able to get on the morning departure. We arrived in Kapellskär in good time and were to told there was enough capacity for us to get aboard. Great !


Eight hours on the ship. I should have brought a towel for Canelo to put on the bed. You could see the gray pawmarks on the clean white sheet ! We had a nice breakfast, took a nap and had a good lunch. Canelo too had some lunch and some water. We took him out on the deck where was a "litterbox" for dogs. Only he gave us a look telling  . . . really, what are you thinking of . . . I ain’t gonna use that one !

It all had been so nice. I am so happy our dear old motorhome took us safely back home without any problems . . . not even a flat tyre. Open-mouthed