Road Trip 2009 May 11

I got homesick ! Missing the rest of my family, cats and son, we made up our minds to head back home. We had booked the return for May 19th and now planned to go back on the 13th. 

 Lunch . . . yup was delicious  . . . french fries and fried fish.

  Approching a bridge we had crossed on our way sothwards.

River ? Weser ? Elbe ?


Giant insects from outer space moving slowly ?

Back to the 1800s ? Almost !

It was a pretty long drive. Lots of roadworks slowing down the traffic. Driving the autobahns you can’t really see very much as there are sound barriers kilometer after kilometer. We stayed the night on this gas station parking, near to Neustadt in Holstein, where this nice green carriage with yellowe flowers was.  I thought we had made a long drive but there was a couple at the same parking, also walking their dog, who had been driving 1100 km ! ! Well they had been driving the autobanhs all the way but still 1100 km in one day  . . .

Sonnevanck NL – Neustadt in Holstein DE 260 miles, 560 km


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