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Road Trip 2009 May 10

New Day ! Still in Belgium. Mother’s Day ! Outside the gas station there was a rack ful of wonderful flower bouquets. I chose one in pink, a very lovely, young, romantic one. We cut a plastic water bottle for vase and had the flowers in the "kitchen" sink when driving. They lasted all the way back home and still lasted some more days here.

Green tunnels.

WOW ! What a nice tree with blue flowers.


Back on the map. We are now in the Netherlands. A small place called Bemmel. We were looking for somewhere to park and this parking was no good as our motorhome is more than 2,40 m high.

We had lunch at Cafeteria Moos. The lunch was good. So were the couple who had had the place for over 40 years. They were our age and we had a some nice conversation in a mishmash of different laguages. They recommened a nice camping place only about 5 km away from there down by the river. The lady said it’s a "sehr schön" place. They showed us on the map how to drive there. So we really wanted to stay there. Only, once again, we got totally disorientated and after circling around we gave up and set for Arnhem.

Wanting to spend the night in a camping place this time we were happy to find this one. It was only about 6 o’clock PM and, oh no, the reception was closed for the day ! Geeeez .  .  . what now ? To our rescue came a man who was working in the restaurant and it was so kind of him to make a phone call to someone, despite everybody celebrating Mother’s Day, and getting us a key to let us in.

Me and Canelo made a long walk. There was an electric wire for the horses and goats. I was shooting some pictures and Canelo was screaming like bitten by a snake or so. My heart almost stopped beating. All the animals came running in shock to see what was going on. Canelo had come too close to the fens and got an electric shock. My poor little Canelo was trembling all over. I took him in my arms and wanted to carry him back but he was too heavy for me to carry. I put him back down and talked to him, told him everything was OK. Soon we both calmed down. He was, thank God, ok.  He looked back, and from what I could tell, he was sure it was all these stupied animals that had made this to hurt him.

Evening snack. Beer and sandwich 🙂  We had had an other long wonderful day. I was happy to really, for the forst time in my life, see storks live. Unfortunately I was not able to shoot any pictures.