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Road Trip 2009 May 9

View from our mobilhome window when making our morning coffee in the eraly morning on May 9. It was so quiet only some men fishing out there. We thought of maybe staying the day on the Mont Noir and Boeschepe to check out the bicycle happening. I regret we did not. Driving down the hill it was still early morning and there was no traffic. Probably everyone just about to wake up. The night before they had set out all the railings.






Out on the country side again on country roads there were huge fields, lots of cows, horses and sheeps. To my surprise also some donkeys. We saw some fields with some green plants that we had no idea of they plants they were. Thought they might be grapeplants. Back home when surffing the net I found out they were hops fields. After some nice driving we arrived in a small town where we stopped to buy some groceries and also for a walk around which made Canelo so happy.


The square of the small town of Watou. 

Back home I was surfing the net for more information on this lovely place. It’s know for beer brewery. That we did not know when we bought some beer. The beer was strong. 9,8 per cent alcohol. In Finland the beer you buy in the grocery has got max 4,7. Anyway the beer was good. The lable on the bottle said ‘Leffe’. I don’t know if it means something but hubby liked it, his own beer. That’s because some people when talking to him use the nick Leffe.

OK so now what ? Where to go now ? Checking the map I suggested Dunkerque port. I thought it might be nice to go there to have a look at the ferries from France to England. We left the small country roads and set the GPS on Dunkerque. Pretty soon we were driving the motorways again. I don’t know what I had expected but it really was not worth the drive there. The area was gloomy, lots of old rusty containers stored around. You were not able to neither see the ferries or the sea. You could not enter the terminal for a coffee unless you had a booking to cross the channel.


Hmmmm . . . a bit disappointed we now decided we’d go back to Belgium. I don’t know why but I really don’t remember much of the drive from Dunkerqeu to the place we stayed the night on a gas station parking. I don’t even remember the name of the place.

Good thing was there was a field, big enough, to let Canelo loose. He run like crazy, rolled himself in the grass and was sooo happy. I was hoping there would be no rabbits or other animals he would set after. We were lucky  . . . no rabbits  . . . After having our evening meal we all had a good night’s sleep. 

Boeschepe –  ?  miles, km