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Road Trip 2009 May 8

We woke up pretty early to the sound of the trucks leaving the place. The morning was gray and still drizzling a little. Having had our morning coffee and walking Canelo we hit the road too. This time without any exact plans other than to go to France. By lunch time we were somewhere in the southeast of Belgium. We stopped for lunch and made a good walk with Canelo. Now the sun was shining and it was a warm nice day. The little wild baby bunny in the picture was enjoying the sun as well.  


After lunch we crossed the french border at a small place I already have forgotten the name of. We now left the highways for some other kinds of roads. Wiser from the day before we looked up a camping on the list and found one we thought would be just fine in a place called Boëschepe. We set the GPS and thought it would be a peace of cake to make it there. Well . . . it was not . . . we got totally disorientated a couple of times. Some of the roads were so narrow we thought they were just private roads. Some may have been. After criss crossing, asking for directions for several times we finally found a camping, not the one we were originally looking for, but a very nice one. The people were so kind and helpful. In Boëschepe there was a couple, our age, giving us instructions. Oh they were all smiles when they found out we were from Finland as they would go to Finland and Lappland in the summer. They questioned about what it is like in Lappland. Well . . . beautiful, the sun does not set in the summer, mosquitoes etc. They already new all of it but were happy to get reassured.


The camping was up on a hill, Mont Noir, about 150 m. There was an old Mill. We saw the mill when driving up. I later wanted to walk to the mill but as we already had made a long walk Leif said he could not walk any further because of his bad leg.

As Friday afternoon and a really warm summer day there were many families camping. Lots of kids and dogs. The kids had a great time. Men playing pétanque, cheering and laughing. Also the next day the yearly tour on bicycle, a huge happening,  would take place and there were a lot going on. Setting up signs, closing down roads, setting up stands for snacks and beverage ect etc.

Frenchen – Boëschepe about 217 miles, 350 km