Road Trip 2009 May 7

Leaving the Margarethenhöhe camping we soon were on Autobahn. It was a warm day . . . not so sunny but really warm. It soon was hill up and hill down. We found out our old camper was getting very slow on the hills up. We loved the views. So different from where we live where there are hardly no hills at all.

The original plan was to go to Barcelona, Spain. We gave up the idea as we would have been there on the 8th to 10th of May and the Formula1 Barcelona weekend was at the same time. We thought it might had been hard to find any place to camp.

Instead we decided to do the north of France, south of Belgium and the Netherlands and do the south of France and Spain next time.

At Herford Gas- and Rasthaus right by the Autobahn we made an about 2 hour stop. Had coffee and made a walk with Canelo. We walked a narrow path a bit down the hill into the woods. There was a sign telling what kind of birds, animals, flowers etc you might be able to run into. Turning back we walked and walked and walked and talked and after some walking we found out we were on the wrong path ! Oooops ! Good thing was we could still hear the cars and found our way back. 

On the road again at about 3:00 PM we still made an about 2 hour stop someplace I don’t remember the name of.  There was a super market where we bought some bread and cheese  for our evening tea. We considered staying there for the night which sure would have been a good idea. 

But as still early in the evening we thought some more driving would be fine. We set the GPS on Köln. It got later and later and we could not find any place to stay the night ! Also we got lost, despite the map and GPS, felt like we were just circling around outside Köln. We both got tired and crumpy. A gas station would have been ok with us but there were no.  It was already about 10.30 PM and almost dark when we saw a parking only for truckers. Leif went to ask if we could stay there the night. Yeaah hurray ! It was ok. I fell asleep right the way. Woke up in the night to a thunder and lightning but soon fell asleep again.

Pönitz am See – Frenchen 316 miles, 510 km


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