Road Trip 2009 May 6

It rained all night but it’s ok cause I like to sleep to the sound of the rain on the roof of the camper. By the time in the morning when we left Britt’s it had stopped. Britt told us it would be a sunny day but the wind would be very hard. Also she told us it would be better to take the ferry to Denmark rather than the Öresund bridge. In less than an hour we were in Denmark and decided to drive through Denmark just for a couple of short stops for Canelo to do what he needed to and a little longer stop for lunch and a longer walk with Canelo.

Britt was right. The wind was hard. We could feel it when driving. There were couple of bridges to cross before Rödbyhavn and the ferry to Germany. Oh my goodness ! We both were horriefied how hard the wind was on the bridges. Our old mobilehome rattled and wobbled like it never had, it really scared me. I was sure the roof would blow away. Actually it felt that we would blow away from the bridge. Someone on the ferry to Puttgarden told us it was blowing about 8 baufort/20 m sec.

The drive from Puttgarden southwards is pretty beautiful. Still looked the same it did 35 years ago 🙂 After a short drive we started looking for somewhere to spend the night and found a nice camping place in Pönitz am See. Not too far a drive away from the highway.

Below the road to the camping. Click for larger picture.


Klippan-Pönitz am See 314 km, 195 miles


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