Daily Archives: May 3, 2009

Leif on the Anglia

I knew we had this picture but could not find it. Good Leif remembered where to look for it. This is the Ford Anglia Leif had when we met in the summer 1966. Leif posing Smile cute eh ? Soon after this we bought an other car. He, by the way, still is looking pretty much the same. Of course wrinkles but otherwise, as thin etc. Soooo unfair he still has has got the same weight. Me, I have got as many kilos more as years since then Sad 

Road Trip May 2009

Yeeeaaah ! Packing for tomorrow. At 5:30 AM we are driving to Naantali. It’s about a two hour drive. The cargoship will leave at 9:30 AM for Sweden, Kapellskär where we will arrive at about 4:30 PM local time. From there we are going to head, via Stockholm, southward. I think we will stay the night in Linköping as we did last spring and then continue in the morning to Klippan, Skåne where we are going to visit hubby’s cousin and stay the night. Britt be prepared . . . we are coming Tongue out