Monthly Archives: March 2009

In about six weeks we will be on the road again

In the beginning of May we will be on the road again. I hope our already very old camper still will keep rolling. Just as last spring we are also this going to go by cargo vessel Finland – Sweden – Finland. Last time we stayed at my husband’s cousin for two weeks. This time we will be paying her just a short visit.
I have made a rough route plan/schedule to drive via Denmark, Germany and France all the way to Barcelona, Spain. If it turns out to be too a long way to drive in just two weeks we will make Spain and France next Spring. Canelo is going with us so we need to make enough of stops to walk him and the stops will make us good too.
I’m so excited . . . in six weeks we will be on the road  Smile      

Marley and Me

It’s a while since I read the wonderful book Marley and Me written by John Grogan. On Friday the film Marley and Me had it’s Finland premier. We went to see it. It was almost as wonderful as the book. I was so sure of having lots of tissues in my pocket but it turned out I only had two very worn out ones. There I was in the end . . . rivers of tears down my cheeks . . . with hardly no tissue. Embarrasing.