Again ! !

Oh no ! Yesterday night when I was walking Canelo the roads, once again, were icy and slippery. I  slipped but was able to, after propelling my legs and arms like copter rotors, get the balance back . I’m sooo thankful to all my guarding angels for being there for me. From now on I will not take one step without my ice traction slip on shoes on ! ! !
The reason for me being so worried about slipping is that for about ten years ago my husband slipped and had his hip bone broken ! Actually a hip bone fracture. He had a surgery and put metal screws. Good thing is he is able to walk but not in the same way as before the fracture. I miss our long walks together. He can’t make too long walks or run.
The icy and slippery roads are one reason why I have, already for some years, been trying to brainwash my hubby to, when we both are retired, stay somewhere warmer in the wintertime. I tell him we could, as many others, drive the motorhome in the beginning of october and stay till end of march in eg. Spain. Well .  .  .  who knows . . . maybe I will, same day, be able to change his mind. 

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