Poor Quam !

Our poor Quam ! He is at the vet clinic right now. In the end of November beginning of December he had difficulties in urinating. We went to the vet and after a week’s antiobitc and also a change of diet he soon got much better. Yesterday morning we noticed the problem was back. So we called the vet clinic and got an appointment for today. In the evening Quam was really hurting and I called the clinic. We were lucky and so happy they asked us to come there still even if it was just before closing time at 8 PM. It was horrible to seen how painful it was for Quam. The vet gave him an injection to calm him down to ba able to insert an urinary cather and an antibiotic injection too. In the morning we took Quam back there. They will keep him there all day.
As, unfortunately, “our own vet” is on vacation we decided  to call a nearby veterinary clinic. The clinic really is a very good one. They have a good reputation, they are experienced, they are friendly, they are helpful, we have from time to time during the years visited them etc. but  . . . t h e y   a r e   v e r y   e x p e n s i v e  !  !  !  Our budjet will be messed up for a long time forward ! Sad
Quismo is feeling restless as Quam is not at home.

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