Daily Archives: August 17, 2008

“Tour de Hanko on old mopeds”

Went with hubby to Lappvik yesterday where yet an other happening for mopeds took place. They made a 60 km tour from Lappvik to Hanko and back. Poor guys . . . it was a chilly, gray, rainy day. Luckily me and Canelo we were able to take the train to Hanko and then when we returned we spent the rest of the time in the camper. Also hubby was lucky to, this time, have chosen not to take part in the
moped driving but to be the one to drive the van to pick up back the
ones that broke down during the ride.



Such a small "station". Here comes the train. I had no idea I had to pay for Canelo on the train so I made an issue out of it. Poor conductor . . . she was just doing her job. Anyway I do think 5 euro for Canelo was way too much as my ticket cost 1,50 ! When we returned from Hanko there was an old "museum" train on it’s way to Hanko. It was really nice to see it as I used to go to school on one like it.  

Hanko is a small town about 130 km away from Helsinki. It has beautiful old wooden "Villas". They say Hanko is the sunniest place in Finland. Well  . . . was not yesterday.

There are miles of sandy beaches, beautiful rocks, fresh air. Imagine when the sun is shining, the sky and sea are blue. Yes it makes a great different.

Come to think of how in the early 60’s I spent a wonderful weekend in Hanko with my then best girlfriend and her family at her grandparents. We met two guys who took us out sailing. We strolled the beaches. We climbed the warm and smooth rocks. We stayed out all night ! Back "home" in the morning we had a very cold welcome. Everyone had been soooo worried. We were told to not go out anymore at all. Of course I now fully understand the fuss. In the afternoon things had calmed down. We had been invited to have afternoon coffee into one of the "Villas" where the other guy lived with his parents so "the family and grandparents" let us go Smile