Furniture Puzzle !


Have been talking, already for a long time, about to buy something like
this for our kitchen. I was so happy yesterday when I found this one. Open-mouthed
And it was on sale, 50% off !  Tongue out Today we went to get it. There was a nice
young guy who, all by himself, put the parcel onto our light waight
trailer. When we came home and tried to unload we were not able to move
the parcel ! My goodness it was heavy ! !  Surprised Unbelievable the guy was able
to lift it on his own. Anyway, I was so enthusiastic when we came home. Yeah, i kind of thought we would fix this in no time. Wink But
after unpacking all the pieces I really wonder when and how we will
manage to have this puzzle finished ! !  Sad I just hate putting these kind
of things together. Baring teeth Usually hubby and me are fighting and arguing a lot
before we have solved the problem.  Angry

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