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The Swedish Sailing Ship Götheborg

Well, well, well  . . . this is the third attempt and definitely last time to write about Götheborg. I was twice cut off by electricity power failure. Can you believe I had not saved the draft ! ! Much more wise now I will click on save draft every second second.

What I have been trying to do all morning is to tell something about the Swedish sailing ship Götheborg visiting Helsinki on June 8 to June 12.

The original Götheborg sailed from Sweden to China in the 1800 century and run aground outside Gothenburg on her way back from China on 12 June 1745. After more than 260 years a practically exact relica was built and was ready to sail in 2003.

Thousands of onlookers had gathered in Helsinki’s Eteläsatama (South Harbour) on Sunday 8 evening to welcome the historic Swedish East India vessel Götheborg. The Götheborg is a carefully-built replica. (by Helsingin Sanomat)

We were not there on Sunday but on Monday. We, unfortunately, were there too early on Monday for the public visiting hours. Sure would have been very interesting to get aboard.

Here she is ! Would be so amazing seeing her in full sail at sea.  The two smaller ones are Falken and Gladan. Both scholarships for the marine.


Lefa would have loved to be able to send a picture of him, to his brother, sitting in the salon.The young lady was wishing invited guests welcome.

This wonderful picture Ufa, my brother in law, sent us about two years ago. He had not heard of the ship and was so surprised when he saw it in Singapore and the Swedish flag.