Tibetan Mastiff

Was with hubby in Orimattila on Saturday. There was the "Orimattilan Rompemarkkinat", Retro Fair. Last minute in the morning I told hubby I had changed my mind and would go there together with him and his friend Steve. I’m so glad I did. The weather was wonderful. It was filled with stands and there really was something for everyone, every age.

Hubby bought nothing ! ? ! I saw so many wonderful things that my mom had at home. Unfortuneatly most of the things I would have liked to buy were too expensive for my budget. But I bought a Mariskooli bowl. It’s a Merimekko designed glass bowl made by Iittala. Or that was what the I was told it was. On the way home I was not so sure anymore if it was a Mariskooli for real. So I have surffed the net and am now happy to believe it is a Mariskooli and not a fake one.

We, of course, had Canelo with us. He was not so happy about all the people but there were so many dogs too to keep him busy. 

THEN . . . I saw this Tibetan Mastiff puppy. Oh my goodness. I was all
ooooohs and aaaaahs. He was 4,5 months old and sooooo adorbale. I was
completely sold and melted wax. We had a Tibetan Mastiff who was with
us for 12,5 years and seeing this little puppy was like seeing our
wonderful Jacke again. Canelo and the puppy had a nice time. I wish I
had taken a picture them two wrestling. Luckily I took couple of
pictures just to show hubby as I was not sure he would bump into them.

The puppy. Soooooo cute, so cute, so cute

                                           Our Jacke. He loved winter and snow.

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