Helsingfors-Klippan-Helsingfors April 14 to April 26

WOW ! It was so nice ! The weather was great ! Visiting “the cousin” was great ! Everything was so cool ! Dear “cousin” Britt, hubby & Kindie  . . . one more time THANK YOU !


First thing when we arrived I needed a haircut. So “cousin” Britt called her friend and I was lucky to be able to come right the way.


In the afternoon we went to Helsingborg to visit The Sofiero Castle and garden. They had opened for the season just a couple of days ago. Now there was plenty of tulips and narcissuses. Unfortuneatley we were there a little too early for all the rhododendrons. In the beginning Canelo thought it was fun but later he got bored.

This is a must cafeteria for people loving the 50’s. Hubby had read about in one of his car magazines so Britt took us there and I must admit it was pretty nice and some very good coffee and cookies. Of course hubby wanted to give the lady a kiss ! !

The next day we went to Helsingör in Denmark. Just had to take a picture with Canelo at the sign.

On the 18th we visited Britt’s husband’s childhood place where he was working for the day with some kind of water pipes, I think. We had coffee and sandwitches. Here are both Kindie and Canelo looking for something.

On the 19th we were in Hässleholm where was something hubby wanted to visit. You know all the old, rusty stuff for cars and motorcicles !

On the 21st we walked, as hubby said, his mother’s footsteps. Also his aunt was with us and we drove to see where hubby’s mom’s family had lived, where her grandparents had lived, where she had been to school etc.Even though I actually had been making the tour 2,5 years ago I still found it very interesting and I was soooo happy hubby had the chance to see the places

Here; “fika” brake.




An other tour in the neighborhood. This is a picture from the top of Söderåsen. A place called Kopparhatten. We criss crossed Söderåsen and hubby’s aunt was once again able to tell and show where the family had lived after they moved away from the first place.  

I think the nature will be very beautiful in the summer when the trees are green.

The text below is from the site : http://www.mior.se/

“Söderåsen national park is located in the southeastern part of the ridge Söderåsen, just north of Röstånga. The main entrance to the park is at Skäralid, where there is a Naturum and restaurant at the pond Skärdammen. Around the pond is a path suited for wheelchairs. At Skäralid is a spectacular valley with steep slopes with stones. In the center of the valley is Skärån. Deciduous forest is domminating, e.g. beech forest. At several places are excellent views, e.g. Kopparhatten and Hjortsprånget. The parts close the pond have good tracks for walking, further up where valley split do the tracks become more difficult. Towards northwest is the valley with the brook Dejebäcken. At Liagården is a shelter and an unstaffed hut where one can stay overnight. The trail Skåneleden pass through the park. At Röstånga is the mysterious lake Odensjön. Between Röstånga and Skäralid is a good view at Uggleröd. There are many myths about the places, and there are several traces of human activities from the old days. Höjehall is the second highest point in Skåne, the highest is also on Söderåsen. On Höjehall is a watchtower.”

On Saturday evening at about 9 PM we were back home. It was wonderful to all in the family  be together again. Canelo and Quam were hugging . . . well it looked like they did.. We were happy the camper was ok.  Hopefully we will be able to  make an even longer tour next spring.

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