Spring, spring, spring

Here comes the sun ! Wonderful ! It’s spring !

To me it’s definitely spring the minute I see the first wild spring flower. I know there are people already both seen and sent pictures to the newspapers of spring flowers but yesterday when walking with Canelo I saw this wonderful yellow flower. They, to me, make the spring. When the ground still is brown, dirty and gloomy these yellow flowers lighten and brightens up your mind. So every spring I get as enthusiastic about the flowers, take new pictures.


Yesterday and also the day before I actually saw butterflies too. It is + 13 degrees Celsius today. Quam and Quismo enjoy the sun on the patio. In a few days the grass will be green.


Today we booked the ferry from Naantali to Kapellskär. It will be so cool to visit Britt “the cousin” again.  Either on the way “down” or “up” we will also meet an other “cousin”. Cousin Klas Tongue out



Tussilago farfara


Went with hubby to visit a friend of his and took this picture in their garden. My mom had plenty of these lovely flowers in her garden and next spring I sure will have some too. 


2 thoughts on “Spring, spring, spring

  1. Alice

    Näin kyllä on . . . ensimmäiset kevätkukat piristävät kauneudellaan erityisesti.Kevätrapsutuksia karvaiselle ja keväthali sinulle 🙂


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