Monthly Archives: April 2008

Leopard Cub

Was browsing the net and suddenly I saw this absolute most wonderful, adorable picture of a leopard cub. I usually don’t pick up pictures from the net but just couldn’t resist this one. So who ever is the photographer please forgive me for "borrowing" your picture.  I love it and can’t get enough it Tongue out

Helsingfors – Klippan – Helsingfors

Just one more week. Then we will be on the road. This is how we are planning to drive. I hope the weather will be warm and sunny and that our old camper will be OK. I would have loved to make an even longer tour. To the north of Germany or perhaps to Amsterdam. But hubby says we can do that next spring ! 

My Sponsor Child

Look here. This is my sponsor child who sent me a very sweet and lovely letter with the nice picture to the left and cute drawing. I am looking forward to learn more about her. I hope to hear about the sponsor project and what it has brought to the community. I hope it will help them get education, health service etc. Well . . . I’m sure World Vision is doing a great job everywhere they are.

I’m so glad we both like animals and that she has got one cat and two dogs Smile

At About 15

Yesterday I was looking through a cardboard box of old letters, postcards etc I found this old picture I had for my train ticket when I went by train to school to Borgå. See . .  I have always been a bit chubby. Heh-heh.

The reason for asking hubby to bring the box is I had just recalled I had received some letters from my biological grandmother sometimes in the beginning of the 60’s. I could remember her last name but was not quite sure about the first name. Though it was Elsa. Hubby said, my goodness you really are mixing things up now a days ! Don’t you remember my grandmother’s name was Elsa ! Well, ok probably I thought . . . it’s me mixing up things. The fact is I have noticed my memory’s not as good as it used to be. Anyway, I was happy to find the letters. Had received just four in the end of 1960 and beginning of 1961. A n d   y e s . . . I was right . . . her name was Elsa ! Pretty funny eh . . . hubby’s and my grandmothers both were named Elsa. In those days I thought she was very old but I now think she might have been my age. I hope to be able to find out more about her and the “family”.

Spring, spring, spring

Here comes the sun ! Wonderful ! It’s spring !

To me it’s definitely spring the minute I see the first wild spring flower. I know there are people already both seen and sent pictures to the newspapers of spring flowers but yesterday when walking with Canelo I saw this wonderful yellow flower. They, to me, make the spring. When the ground still is brown, dirty and gloomy these yellow flowers lighten and brightens up your mind. So every spring I get as enthusiastic about the flowers, take new pictures.


Yesterday and also the day before I actually saw butterflies too. It is + 13 degrees Celsius today. Quam and Quismo enjoy the sun on the patio. In a few days the grass will be green.


Today we booked the ferry from Naantali to Kapellskär. It will be so cool to visit Britt “the cousin” again.  Either on the way “down” or “up” we will also meet an other “cousin”. Cousin Klas Tongue out



Tussilago farfara


Went with hubby to visit a friend of his and took this picture in their garden. My mom had plenty of these lovely flowers in her garden and next spring I sure will have some too.