Still here

I‘m still here Smile Pretty ironic . .  now when I’m retired I have been much less on the computer. I really don’t know but time just slips away. I get up in the morning already at about 6 AM. Quam just won’t let us sleep any longer than that. But it’s OK . . . I rather get up early.
We are making new plans to go to Sweden as last spring we did not make it. We probably will go on April 14th and stay for two weeks. Canelo is going with us. Son is going to take care of Quam and Qusimo.  
So far I have no news yet about my "roots". I have attended the "genealogical group" twice now. We are 7 persons in the group. Some of the members have been researching for 20 years ! Good for me. They have so many good advice to tell me. I need to check things up at The National Archives and some other instances as well. I hope to still be able to get some information this spring but if not . . . I’ll continue in the fall.
It’s sooo great as the days are already so much longer, the sun is shining and it’s 10 degrees Celsius Tongue out
All the best for a nice spring  ~  hugs 

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