Then Was Then ~ Now Is Now

March 1st. My first day as retired. I am eyes, mind and arms open for this new era in my life.

Yesterday when I was out for a long walk with Canelo the thought of a new "hobby" popped into my mind. I guess I at some point have mentioned I grew up as a fosterchild. I loved, always will love, my foster parents and the wonderful, large kinship I belonged to. So as I have very little knowledge about my real roots, the family relationship I come from I now think I am ready to find out as much as possible about it. Right next to where we live there is at "Jupperin omakotiyhdistys" a group gathering twice a month for genealogical research. I will join them and see if I can find out something. I think it will be interesting.


2 thoughts on “Then Was Then ~ Now Is Now

  1. Liisa

    congratulations on your retirement! good for you. looking for your roots…i think it will be very interesting too


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