Goodbye Work !

21 years in the same company ! I was supposed to stay only for 4 months till the regular switchboard operator would return from her sick leave. The operator came back and I said yes thank you to the offer to stay as a production secretary.

I had been working in the forwarding, transportation-industry and customs clearance for about on other 21 years of my life so everything in the conference business was new and exciting. In about one year, I was given the opportunity to work as a project coordinator which I really truly loved. It was hectic but actually I was even better when there was a lot going on. Heh-heh . . my opinion.

I have experienced  so many interesting and cool things through the years. In the 90’s I was able to get glimpses of prominent persons LIVE. E.G. Queen Silvia, presidents Reagan, Gorbachev, Bush, Ford, the Pope + many more both international and national.

Also I have had the pleasure visiting many different conference venues and meet wonderful people in many different countries. I am ever so thankful I was allowed to, the last 5 years, work on part time pension as a sales coordinator. 3 days a week.  3 days a week was so good for me but now I feel ready and happy to retire on early old-age pension.


 "Home" for 21 years !

In the background of the building there is a tower sticking up – Forgive me for "cloning" it away in my picture as I think it didn’t make the picture right.

Thank you ALL for everything. For all the fun, for all the laughs, for all the support at hard times. Take care folks – hug Alice


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