I saw this cuuute little Teddy at the pet’s shop around Christmas. It said it’s a dog toy. I immediately fell for it and told hubby I just have to buy this one as a Christmas present for Canelo. Of course hubby told me it was not a good idea as he thought even though it was ment for dogs it probably was ment for smaller size dogs. Anyway  . . .  I wanted the Teddy so home we went with him all wrapped up nicely. At Christmas Eve Canelo got the Teddy. He looked both confused and puzzled. Thinking it must be a mistake. I told him the Teddy is for him, it’s a toy . . . Then he took the Teddy and got all too playful. I run to rescue the Teddy as I didn’t want him to be distroyed. Canelo looking at me disappointed wondering what on earth did he just do wrong ! Hubby telling me that yesss . . . he knew I wanted the Teddy for me ! Right Embarrassed Now the cute Teddy is sitting on my drawer Smile Canelo wasn’t feeling too bad about the Teddy as he got some "bones" to chue and a boll.


 The reason why I took a picture of Teddy is that I bought a digicamera today and just need to figure out how it works.  

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