Vene 08 Båt Boat Show 9.-17.2.2008 Helsinki Fair Centre

Hubby got two tickets for the Boat Show. Even if I am not that interested in boats I decided to go with him. We left the car at home and went there by bus and train. Easiest and fastest way to get to the fair center from our place.

There were fantastic boats. Both motor- and sailing boats. But what I would like to have is a rowboat. For many years already I have been dreaming about to buy a rowboat. I would love to row in the early summer mornings and evenings on the lake. It would be so peaceful. Just slowly rowing listening to the birds. The rowboats at the fair were quite expensive so I think I should just try to find a used good one. Who knows. . . maybe one day I will have a rowboat.

As I strolled around I also walked by the stands for baits and lures. I saw a man dragging two "swimbaits" in a plastic water tank. I watched it for a while and said to him. WOW they look like real fish ! The man smiled big and said, they are real ones. He had taken then from the freezer in the morning. Oh, oh OK I said a bit embarrassed. Geeez I thought they were made of plastic, metal or whatever the baits and lures are made of. Well I know nothing about fishing. Haven’t been fishing since I was about 7- 10 years old. I used a hook and a worm fishing in the nearby small stream.  All I got was tiny perches that I gave to our cat. 


I took this picture one morning in the summer 2005 when I was walking our then dog Jacke. This is what I would love to do. It would be so relaxing to just glide in slow motion in the silence . . . just the birds singing.


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