Chinese New Year In Helsinki

Here’s a picture from the Chinese New Year’s festivities in Helsinki yeasterday. It was a nice happening. The dragons, the dances and the dancers were colourful.

There was also some chinese paintings. Very nice ones. I so much fell for a painting of a black and white cat. It was adorable. I would have loved to have it but it was too expensive for my budget. Also the chinese food smelled delicious but the food tents were overcrowded so we didn’t get the chance to buy anything. Later in the evening there was still a firework but as we had Canelo with us we didn’t stay for it.


4 thoughts on “Chinese New Year In Helsinki

  1. Alice

    Laura My Friend,Thank you for visiting and for the information regarding the Chinese
    New Year\’s.  I checked out the link and there was so many wonderful pictures. I also found several CCTV
    channels online that I have been watching. Very nice and interesting.Happy Spring Festival !Hug ~ Alice

  2. Happy Spring Festival! Alice
    Today is the Spring Festival in China. Almost everybody is celebrating with their family. Red in China means good luck, happiness and peace. So in the festival, many things are red, including the Chinese dragon.
    Do you know CCTV? It’s a channel in China. Every year it hold an evening party to celebrate the festival.
    I downloaded a picture from Internet, which is a famous singer singing a folk song in the yesterday evening party. I wish you could see this picture
    Enclosed pleased find the picture.



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