Early old-age pension

Well, well, well . . .  I have applied for to retire on early old-age pension from the beginning of March ! I really have been wondering and pondering and thinking of the possibility already for some time. So this week I finally had the courage to take the step. I gave in my resignation and have sent in my application for the early old-age pension.

I always thought it would be no big deal when time comes to stop working. But here I’m with mixed feelings. Suddenly I feel like cheating not working all the way to my "official" date for the old-age pension ! On the other hand I am relieved.

Anyway, as I have been working on part time pension already for some years I am sure I will get used to this new freedom soon enough.

Oh my goodness  . . . I can hardly believe it.


4 thoughts on “Early old-age pension

  1. Alice

    Kiitoksia muruset ! Siitä olenko ansainnut sitä en ole niinkään varma mutta ihan varmasti tiedän että ainakin Canelo tulee olemaan riemuissaan kun olen kotona. :)Haleja ja rapsutuksia 

  2. Pauliina

    wau! upee juttu! olen tosi iloinen sun puolestas!!!!!! olet kyllä täysin ansainnut täydellisen vapauden!!!!
    voi kuinka iloisia karvaiset kaverit ja leif ovatkaan, kun saavat sinut seurakseen koko ajan!
    onnittelut meiltä molemmilta!
    t. Pauliina ja Jami


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