Daily Archives: November 9, 2007

James Herriot’s Dog Stories

Warm And Wonderful Stories About The Animals Herriot Loves Best

We have had this book in our bookcase already for many, many years. It was one of hubby’s dad’s books. I really don’t know why I didn’t read it until now. Probably the book about Marley inspired me to read one more book about dogs. This book also was a wonderful one. So many stories about different dogs. Most with happy ending some sad ones as well. If you love dogs I warmly recommend the book.

Pencil Drawing

Finished one more drawing last week.

I was about to put it in the shredder as I was not satisfied with it. Then hubby said he thought it was a pretty good one  . . . better than any of the others I made.

Well . . . giving it an other look I actually now think it’s not so bad so I decided to keep it.

The hair was different on the original . . . but I soon found out it was very difficult to draw so I just changed the look of the hair.

I need to practise, practise, practise . . draw, draw, draw,  draw curly hair, blond hair etc.

Anyway . . . enough of my drwaings for a while. Right now I feel the need to draw is gone for this time.

But  . . . who knows when it will hit me again !