Just some things I did yesterday

After being Tuesday and Wednesday in bed because of the flu I’m now feeling pretty OK. Yesterday afternoon, as I  still felt a bit weak to do anything elseand also a bitbored I was  surfing the net . I looked up sites and news and YouTube videos on the newAirbusA380 flight from Singapore to Sydney. What a giant !Also I at last signed up for World Vision sponsored child. I  have planned to sign up already for a very long time and am glad I now did it. I truly hope I will be able with the small amount per month to be able to make a child happy, healthy, able to educate etc. Also I think it will be very nice to be able to get information about the child and child’s life.

In the late afternoon Elina came by with three of her golden retrievers and her little son Santeri. As I told her I think they better not come too close to me because of the flu she actually just left Uni here and went for a long walk with the other dogs and Santeri. Uni is now a big dog. So there they were Uni and Canelo chasing each other on the front yard. I took a couple of pictures as they realy looked so funny. The pictures are no

good but I think they are cool.
Uni got Canelo’s ball !
Just having a lot of fun chasing each other.
The flying dog to the left.
Canelo still going on bt himself . . . like a Duracell.




3 thoughts on “Just some things I did yesterday

  1. Marja

    Jopas on canelolla kiire, näyttää että on mahanalus jalkoja täynnä 😉 Kiitos vierailustasi, ne vihanneskuvat tuli minulle joskus sähköpostin liitteenä, minustakin ne on hauskoja! Mukavaa alkanutta talviaikaa sinulle!

  2. Alice

    Kiitos. Joo ovat ihania mukeloita. Uni saisi asua lähempänä jotta voisivat iloisesti jahdata toisiaan päivittäin.Iloista sunnuntaita sinulle ja Jamille.

  3. Pauliina

    Niin syötävän suloisia mukeloita ovat! Unikin on jo kasvanut ihan kauheasti ja alkaa näyttää kunnon kultsilta!


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