Marley and me, Marley y yo, Marley ja Minä, Marley och jag

Last night at 1.30 AM I finished reading the most wonderful book, Marley And Me, written by John Grogan. It was one of those books you just can’t put aside before you have finished it. John Grogan is telling about their dog Marley, a Labrador Retriever. The dog never became a "show dog" but was the most happy and loyal dog you can think of. I started reading the book on the way to work and also on the way back from work. Some of it was just too funny not to laugh so there I was laughing out loud in the train when reading. The people sitting next to me and in front of me all smiled. The next morning on the way to work, again reading and smiling by myself, the same lady, from the day before, sat in front of me and I saw her bending her head to try to find out what I was reading. Everyone who have had pets knows how hard it is to after 12-15-20 years have to let them go. I cried rivers when it was time for Marley to go. So folks . . . prepare . . you need boxes of tissues. Thank you Mirja for thinking of me and lending me the book thank you Smile

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Una buena historia, se lee rápido, un libro que me hiciera reir mucho, mucho y tambien llorar rios en al final, preparar usted necesitará tejidos.

Kannattaa lukea ! Ainakin kaikki jotka rakastavat koiria. Kirjaa ei voi päästä käsistä ennen kun sen on lukenut loppuun. Varatkaa loppuun reilusti paperinenäliinoja. Ainakin minä itkin vuolaasti.

Verkligen läsvärd bok för alla som älskar hundar. En bok som bara inte går att lägga i från sig innan man läst den. Passa på att ha ett lager med pappersnäsdukar tillhands. Jag grät floder i slutet.

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