Daily Archives: October 13, 2007

Busy Week !

What a busy week ! At work there has been so much to do. I’m totally worn out when I come home. But that is just normal for the fall season being the most busy time at work.

Great thing is I’m going to be on vacation in December from 13th. On the 13th I’m going to Copenhagen where "the cousin" Britt will meet me and we are going to stay there for the day. In the evening we are going by train to Britt’s who lives in the south of Sweden. Britt says Copenhagen is wonderful round Christmas. Specially the Tivoli with all the Christmas decorations. I will be staying at Britt’s till the 16th. Yes, I’m very much looking forward to this.

But before that, hubby is going to visit Barcelona ! He is going there with the Veteran Motorbikers. They are staying there for almost a week ! From 5. – 10. Can you believe the "guys" are visiting and arranging many junk markets during the summertime around the south of Finland. And yet they want to go to Barcelona to visit a junk market ! ! I would have loved to go with hubby but decided to stay at home with our cats and dog. I hope to be able to go there with them next year. Not for the junk market but because I like the city and think there still are places I would like to visit.      

Our Quismo’s got the flu. He sneezed and sneezed and sneezed and his nose was hot. The vet gave a prescription for antibiotics. It’s liquid and has to be given into his mouth. Of course he does not like it at all. As soon as he notice I take the bottle from the fridge he is trying to just disappear. But he is such a wonderful and gentle cat. He doesn’t use his claws even by mistake. But he really is making it hard for me by twisting and turning like a worm. He already is much better and doesn’t sneeze anymore.

Monday we had the first night with frost. The ground was all white in the morning. Yesterday was raining sleet.  Today is going to be just and other wonderful fall day. The sun is shining and it’s about 5 degrees Celsius.

Enjoy the weekend folks !