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Just some things I did yesterday

After being Tuesday and Wednesday in bed because of the flu I’m now feeling pretty OK. Yesterday afternoon, as I  still felt a bit weak to do anything elseand also a bitbored I was  surfing the net . I looked up sites and news and YouTube videos on the newAirbusA380 flight from Singapore to Sydney. What a giant !Also I at last signed up for World Vision sponsored child. I  have planned to sign up already for a very long time and am glad I now did it. I truly hope I will be able with the small amount per month to be able to make a child happy, healthy, able to educate etc. Also I think it will be very nice to be able to get information about the child and child’s life.

In the late afternoon Elina came by with three of her golden retrievers and her little son Santeri. As I told her I think they better not come too close to me because of the flu she actually just left Uni here and went for a long walk with the other dogs and Santeri. Uni is now a big dog. So there they were Uni and Canelo chasing each other on the front yard. I took a couple of pictures as they realy looked so funny. The pictures are no

good but I think they are cool.
Uni got Canelo’s ball !
Just having a lot of fun chasing each other.
The flying dog to the left.
Canelo still going on bt himself . . . like a Duracell.




I Guess It’s The Flu !

Oh no, not again, por favor !

only about 6 weeks ago I was down with the flu and here we go again.
Actually I felt it coming already some days ago. I do have all the

  • headache
  • sore throat
  • cough
  • runny nose
  • muscle aches

really feel too bad to go to work today. I will drink warm liquids.
Finnrexin Neo is something you can buy at the drugstore without an
prescription to help relieve  the symptoms.  Also I will try a warm
drink I learned of already from my mom. Have sliced onion, crushed garlic, honey and
butter in hot milk. Usually makes you feel better. Or an other home
cure my friend Nino told me about last weekend. Hot tea with crushed

I wonder if I made a mistake to turn down the offer at
work to get a free influenza shot. Only then I was more scared of
getting sick from the shot Confused !

OK enough about my misery . . .  I’ll be fine in a couple of days Smile

Take care all  !

WOW Kimi Räikkönen won the F1 Cahmpion !

Congratulations Kimi Räikkönen !

The race was just soooo nerve wrecking exciting ! I’m happy I, just minutes before the race was about to start, gave up my stubborn decision never to pay, did pay to be able to watch the race live from Net TV. In my opinion it was just meant to be so and more than fair that Räikkönen won the championship. We all three were like glued to the computer screen Smile


The picture is from the finnish MTV3 site . Please note it says  "Alice" on the front wing  Wink

Parhaat Onnittelut Kimi Räikkönen !

Voihan veljet miten jännä kisa ! Onneksi luovuin periaatteestani etten maksa, aivan viime minuuteilla ja maksoin yhden vuorokauden maksun saadaaksemme katsoa kisa suorana NETTI-TV:stä. Ihan oikeasti olen sitä mieltä että, voitto meni oikealle miehelle. Koko perhe oltiin kun liimatut tietsikan ruutuun Tongue out

FORMULA 1™ Grande Prêmio do Brasil 2007

What an exciting race it is going to be on Sunday. Maybe too exciting for me to watch. For the first time in 20 years there are three drivers able to win the championship. I keep my thumbs up for Räikkönen.


This is a free wallpaper for PC:s I downloaded from the official F1 site.

Ulf, I hope you are still at home and able to watch the race.

Good luck to all three drivers !

Marley and me, Marley y yo, Marley ja Minä, Marley och jag

Last night at 1.30 AM I finished reading the most wonderful book, Marley And Me, written by John Grogan. It was one of those books you just can’t put aside before you have finished it. John Grogan is telling about their dog Marley, a Labrador Retriever. The dog never became a "show dog" but was the most happy and loyal dog you can think of. I started reading the book on the way to work and also on the way back from work. Some of it was just too funny not to laugh so there I was laughing out loud in the train when reading. The people sitting next to me and in front of me all smiled. The next morning on the way to work, again reading and smiling by myself, the same lady, from the day before, sat in front of me and I saw her bending her head to try to find out what I was reading. Everyone who have had pets knows how hard it is to after 12-15-20 years have to let them go. I cried rivers when it was time for Marley to go. So folks . . . prepare . . you need boxes of tissues. Thank you Mirja for thinking of me and lending me the book thank you Smile

Browse Inside this book

Get this for your site

Una buena historia, se lee rápido, un libro que me hiciera reir mucho, mucho y tambien llorar rios en al final, preparar usted necesitará tejidos.

Kannattaa lukea ! Ainakin kaikki jotka rakastavat koiria. Kirjaa ei voi päästä käsistä ennen kun sen on lukenut loppuun. Varatkaa loppuun reilusti paperinenäliinoja. Ainakin minä itkin vuolaasti.

Verkligen läsvärd bok för alla som älskar hundar. En bok som bara inte går att lägga i från sig innan man läst den. Passa på att ha ett lager med pappersnäsdukar tillhands. Jag grät floder i slutet.

Busy Week !

What a busy week ! At work there has been so much to do. I’m totally worn out when I come home. But that is just normal for the fall season being the most busy time at work.

Great thing is I’m going to be on vacation in December from 13th. On the 13th I’m going to Copenhagen where "the cousin" Britt will meet me and we are going to stay there for the day. In the evening we are going by train to Britt’s who lives in the south of Sweden. Britt says Copenhagen is wonderful round Christmas. Specially the Tivoli with all the Christmas decorations. I will be staying at Britt’s till the 16th. Yes, I’m very much looking forward to this.

But before that, hubby is going to visit Barcelona ! He is going there with the Veteran Motorbikers. They are staying there for almost a week ! From 5. – 10. Can you believe the "guys" are visiting and arranging many junk markets during the summertime around the south of Finland. And yet they want to go to Barcelona to visit a junk market ! ! I would have loved to go with hubby but decided to stay at home with our cats and dog. I hope to be able to go there with them next year. Not for the junk market but because I like the city and think there still are places I would like to visit.      

Our Quismo’s got the flu. He sneezed and sneezed and sneezed and his nose was hot. The vet gave a prescription for antibiotics. It’s liquid and has to be given into his mouth. Of course he does not like it at all. As soon as he notice I take the bottle from the fridge he is trying to just disappear. But he is such a wonderful and gentle cat. He doesn’t use his claws even by mistake. But he really is making it hard for me by twisting and turning like a worm. He already is much better and doesn’t sneeze anymore.

Monday we had the first night with frost. The ground was all white in the morning. Yesterday was raining sleet.  Today is going to be just and other wonderful fall day. The sun is shining and it’s about 5 degrees Celsius.

Enjoy the weekend folks !

Congrats Räikkönen

I am a big F1 fan. I used to
watch the races as glued to the TV. I still am upset because the TV made the race
unavailable to watch direct if not paying ! And you know I’m so stubborn I will
not pay as I think it should be available for each and everyone to watch for

WOW ! Just read on the net that
Räikkönen WON the China F1 ! !  Oh my goodness the Brasil race 19. – 21
October is going to be sooooo EXCITING ! I am sure I would not be able to watch
the race even if I could for all the excitement. I wonder how the three top
drivers will be able to take the pressure. The drivers standing Hamilton 107
points, Alonso 104 points and Räikkönen 100 points.

The Official F1 Site

Grattis Räikkönen ! Synd och skam att vi inte kunde se tävlingen direkt. Åh du milde så ryyysligt
spännaden det kommer att bli den 21 oktober då den avgörande racen körs i
Brasilien. F1 kan inte mera ses gratis hos oss och av princip så betalar vi inte. Har ändå varit inne på tanken att betala om då endast för nästa
tävling. Men  . . . så spännande som det kommer att bli så vågar jag
väl inte ens titta och då är det väl onödigt att betala. Allt är ju ännu möjligt eftersom de tre top kuskarna ligger så nära varann i poängena.
Hoppas nu bara att Räikkönens nerver håller och naturligtvis också att bilen

Miten hienoa että Räikkönen voitti Kiinan ajot ! Kauden viimeinen ajo tulee olemaan niin jännittävä etten kertakaikkiaan uskalla sitä katsoa vaikka tarjoituiskin tilaisuus katsoa sitä suorana. Olisi kyllä upeata jos hänestä tulisi maailmanmestari. Eikus peukut pystyyn !

Wishing you all a wonderful week !

Rompetori ja syysmarkkinat

 Tällä kertaa Veteraanimoottoripyöräkerhon järjestämä rompetori oli Lohjalla.
Yet an other junk market by The Veteran Bike Club.
Vanhojen moottoripyörien ja niiden osien lisäksi löytyy aina kaikenlaista !
Canelo tapasi ihanan suloisen tyttökoiran !
Canelo met this very cute little "girl" !
Rompetorin jälkeen käytiin vielä Lohjan torilla syysmarkkinoilla. Säät olivat aivan ihanat joten kelpasi kyllä tallustella siellä. Pitkään katselin kun piirtäjä piirsi karikatyyrejä. Oli taitava mies.
Steven pihalla Canelo sai riemuhepulin ! Juoksi hullunlailla ympäri taloa ja autotallia jonka jälkeen loikkasi heidän hienoon suihkualtaaseen juomaan. Onneksi ehdin huuta että, POIS sieltä ennen kun hän ehti mennä ihan uimaan asti nimittäin oli seuraavaksi jo tähtäämässä syvempään osaan.