Crawfish Party ~ Rapukekkerit

We were invited by our good friends to enjoy crawfish with them on Saturday. As we would stay the night we went there in the camper. What a wonderful weekend we had. The weather was great. Still warm . . . well 20 degrees but we are already in the end of August. The water was warm. After the sauna bath we all were swimming. Canelo was happy . . . he loved playing with his ball in the water. He stayed in the water for about two hours. The ball floated in under the "bridge"(laituri) so he had to dive to get under and try to get it. There was an airpocket so he was able to breathe there. Then he tried to dive back with the ball but it was too hard for him to dive with the ball in his mouth. After a while he wanted us to help him get the ball. Once he got the ball he was happy to start it all over again for many, many times.
Sanna and hubby.
At about 9 PM in the evening it was crawfish time. WOW . . . the plate with the crawfish looked so nice.
Nice colour !
Sanna and Chrisu.
My plate . . . I had nine  . . . you can count them. The crawfish were delicious and so was everything else too.
One more time Sanna and Chrisu . . . thank you !

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