Britt Visting 29 Aug – 2 Sept

I’m so excited. In 18 days hubby’s cousin will come to visit us. We have been planning this since I visited her two years ago. We have made a long list of things we wanna do. So we are going to be busy all the time. I hope we will be able to make it all in the 4 days she is staying. We are going to do Stockmann, Marimekko, Fazer, Kalevala Koru, Market Square, Market Hall, guided City Tour and if we still have some time left also a guided tour in the nearby archipelago. The next day we are going to Tallinn in the morning at 8 AM and will be back at 8 PM. I’m very much looking forward to it. Will be a lot of fun. Usually when I’m in Tallinn with hubby he does not want to do the shopping or "window shopping".

Market Square and Market Hall panorama:

A Warm And Sunny Weekend To All !


2 thoughts on “Britt Visting 29 Aug – 2 Sept

  1. Alice

    Thank you my friend for visiting.Yes Laura, Tallinn is a city with long history and special sites.I hope to be able to show some pictures when back from there.Warm regards,Alice

  2. It must be an excited trip with your husband’s cousin, Alice.
    Tallinn should be a Europe city with long history and special sites.


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