New Hobby

Actually it’s not a totally new hobby. Through the years, by and by,  I have made pencil drawings. Unfortunately I have no artistic talents in my veins at all but I find it very relaxing.  Last week I bought some  color pencils , acrylic 6 tube color set, some brushes, etc. I have now been busy for days trying out different things. I have made some pencil drawings and one color pencil drawing. Also I have tried out the acrylic colors. The drawings are no good but were fun to do. I need a lot of training, also I hope to attend some course for beginners in the fall. I guess I’m too enthusiastic right now as I made two drawings yesterday and in both pictures the noses and mouths are looking very much similar.  I am enjoying the drawing and painting very much now and have no time for photographing or anything else for that matter. Näyttää kieltä

How bad am I ? Hopeless !

I think the time is right for sitting indoors drawing now as it is sooooo very warm. Also Canelo finds it bit too hot to stay outdoors, unless we go to the beach. But i don’t want to complain too much about the warm as soon enough it will be over.


2 thoughts on “New Hobby

  1. Alice

    moi pulina . . . kiiiitos positiivisestä suhtautumisesta näihin minun vaatimattomiin tekeleihin 🙂 olen aivan varma että, osaat piirtää . . paljon paremmin kun minätyöniloa ja jamille rapsutuksia 

  2. Pauliina

    hienoja kuvia!!!! itselläni ei minkäänlaista kykyä piirtää, joten ihailen suunnattomasti kaikkia, jotka osaavat! 


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