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Hubby’s Cousin’s Coming Today !

Today hubby’s cousin from the south of Sweden is coming to visit us. She is staying till Sunday afternoon. It’s gonna be nice.

Hymy  Leveä hymy  Näyttää kieltä

Så jag har väntat på detta besök. Britt och jag har smidat planer redan sedan länge. Tyvärr ser det ut som om vädergudarna inte kommer att bjuda direkt på sommarväder mer men hur som helst så skall det blir roligt.

The Jerry Lee Lewis Concert

Have now seen and heard Jerry Lee live ! For a 71 year guy I think he was good. He still plays the piano great. Sure would have been nice to see him when he still was really, really able to kick the piano 🙂

Vad kan man säga. Visst var det i och för sig roligt att se och höra Jerry Lee live. Blev förvånad över att konserten var över så fort. Dom flesta konserter jag varit på så är man ju van vid att få valuta för hela slanten i ca 2 – 2,5 timmar. Mr. Lewis uppträdde ganska exact 50 minuter ! Men OK . . . åldern gör väl sitt.


Crawfish Party ~ Rapukekkerit

We were invited by our good friends to enjoy crawfish with them on Saturday. As we would stay the night we went there in the camper. What a wonderful weekend we had. The weather was great. Still warm . . . well 20 degrees but we are already in the end of August. The water was warm. After the sauna bath we all were swimming. Canelo was happy . . . he loved playing with his ball in the water. He stayed in the water for about two hours. The ball floated in under the "bridge"(laituri) so he had to dive to get under and try to get it. There was an airpocket so he was able to breathe there. Then he tried to dive back with the ball but it was too hard for him to dive with the ball in his mouth. After a while he wanted us to help him get the ball. Once he got the ball he was happy to start it all over again for many, many times.
Sanna and hubby.
At about 9 PM in the evening it was crawfish time. WOW . . . the plate with the crawfish looked so nice.
Nice colour !
Sanna and Chrisu.
My plate . . . I had nine  . . . you can count them. The crawfish were delicious and so was everything else too.
One more time Sanna and Chrisu . . . thank you !

Jerry Lee Lewis

"Last minute" I bought tickets for the Jerry Lee Lewis concert in Helsinki on Monday 27. Have been a fan for years . . . since early 60’s.

The picture’s from the net.
Later in the fall an other of my long time old favorites will also be giving a concert in Helsinki; Chuck Berry . . . I couldn’t afford bying tickets for his concert now  . . . have to wait a little . . . so I hope it will not be too late for that in a couple of weeks.

Pencil Drawings

Have been browsing through hundreds and hundreds of pencil drawings on the net for the last week. There are soooo many absolutely fantastic drawings out there by the most talented artists all over the world. I was happy to found some nice Drawing Tutorial and How To Draw sites I’m sure will be of great help.
I don’t know what’s happened but I just feel I need to draw and draw and draw ! ! Here is one more deawing I made last Saturday. Compared to all those I checked out on the net this is just so very, very simple but as I said  . . . I just have to draw !
By the way . . . the other one of my DC:s broke Confused  I had two. The one that broke was so good for close ups. I really don’t know yet what to do . . . buy a new DC or just a new lens to the one I have . . . if I can afford.  Or maybe I just need keep drawing Tongue out
Only bad thing with the drawing is it takes so much more time than the photographing. My goodness our household is a mess and would need an "extreme cleanover". 

Britt Visting 29 Aug – 2 Sept

I’m so excited. In 18 days hubby’s cousin will come to visit us. We have been planning this since I visited her two years ago. We have made a long list of things we wanna do. So we are going to be busy all the time. I hope we will be able to make it all in the 4 days she is staying. We are going to do Stockmann, Marimekko, Fazer, Kalevala Koru, Market Square, Market Hall, guided City Tour and if we still have some time left also a guided tour in the nearby archipelago. The next day we are going to Tallinn in the morning at 8 AM and will be back at 8 PM. I’m very much looking forward to it. Will be a lot of fun. Usually when I’m in Tallinn with hubby he does not want to do the shopping or "window shopping".

Market Square and Market Hall panorama:

A Warm And Sunny Weekend To All !

New Hobby

Actually it’s not a totally new hobby. Through the years, by and by,  I have made pencil drawings. Unfortunately I have no artistic talents in my veins at all but I find it very relaxing.  Last week I bought some  color pencils , acrylic 6 tube color set, some brushes, etc. I have now been busy for days trying out different things. I have made some pencil drawings and one color pencil drawing. Also I have tried out the acrylic colors. The drawings are no good but were fun to do. I need a lot of training, also I hope to attend some course for beginners in the fall. I guess I’m too enthusiastic right now as I made two drawings yesterday and in both pictures the noses and mouths are looking very much similar.  I am enjoying the drawing and painting very much now and have no time for photographing or anything else for that matter. Näyttää kieltä

How bad am I ? Hopeless !

I think the time is right for sitting indoors drawing now as it is sooooo very warm. Also Canelo finds it bit too hot to stay outdoors, unless we go to the beach. But i don’t want to complain too much about the warm as soon enough it will be over.

Ä r s y t t ä v ä ä !

Ikäni, tai ainakin 25 vuotta olen seurannut F1 kun telkkariruudussa liimattuna. Nyt sekin ilo on viety.
Ärsyttävän ärsyttävä että, Formula 1 ei enää tulee kaikkien katsottavaksi vaan ainoastaan jos maksaa erikseen ! ! ! Tulen siitä niin huonelle tuulelle ettttä grrrrrrrr. Koko ihanan kaunis sunnuntaipäivä on taas pilalla. Olen ehkä ainoa joka ei halua maksaa siitä erikseen koska muutenkin TV lisenssi maksaa minusta maltaita ! Vihainen  Joku kooste illalla EI OLE SAMA asia kun suora lähetys !

Huh-huh . . . ylikuumenin ja verenpaine nousi ja mitä kaikkea mutta sainpa kiukuteltu Irvistää  Valitsin luokan "health and wellness" koska tässä saa harmaita hiuksia moisista typeryyksistä.

Anteeksi nyt vaan mutta silloin tällöin saan hepulin. Silmänisku Leveä hymy

Kaikesta huolimatta toivon kaikille hyvää loppupäivää sekä oikein hirmuhyvää alkavaa viikkoa. Taitaa olla intiaanikesä tulossa. Aurinko

By Bus And Train

Hubby had an appointment in Helsinki early this morning. This time he took the bus instead of the car. I had already for some time planned to go by bus and train to Helsinki just to see how Canelo would like it. Leif was finished at about 9:30 AM so Canelo and me we just went to meet him. Canelo was great both in the bus and the train but, of course, he is used to both the camper and car. On the way back Leif took a picture of a very concentrated Canelo.

"Den kära gubben" lähti aikaisin aamulla Helsinkiin. Olin pitkään jo puhunut että, koska minulla on seutulippu niin lähden joku kerta Canelon kanssa kaupunkiin bussilla ja junalla ihan katsomaan mitä Canelo tykkää kulkea yleisissä kulkuneuvoissa. Joten mentiin rautatieasemalle Leifiä vastaan. Kaikki sujui hienosti. Onhan Canelo tottunut kulkemaan kansamme mökkiautolla ja pikkuautolla. Rautatieasemalla tavattiin, Canelon riemuksi, Leifin. Ostettiin 4 litraa herneita. Kotimatkalla Leif otti kuvan Canelosta (ja minusta) Canelon keskittyneenä katsomassa ikkunasta ulos. Muuten minä söin kaikki herneet !