On The Road

June 27 Espoo – Yyteri – 258 km

Despite the heavy rain Wednesday morning we now decided to go. It was raining all day long so we did not stop in Pori as we had planned. We just drove to the Yyteri camping.

June 28 Yyteri – Vaasa – 258 km

The sky was still gray in the morning and it was drizzling. The Yyteri sandbanks and beach are wonderful but not very welcoming when raining. I walked down to the beach just to shoot a couple of pictures.

We decided to continue and took “the old” road by the coast. Soon the sun was shining and the views were beautiful. At about 10:30 AM we arrived to Kristinestad. A very lovely place. We stayed there for many hours. There are so many very old beautiful houses in the town. This is an alley I would not like to live on. In English something like The Cat Whipper’s Alley

In the afternoon we drove to Vaasa where we wanted to stay the night. What a night ! I woke up at about 1:30 AM to the sounds of cars and many people talking in an arguing way. I looked out and just next to us there were an ambulance and two/three police cars. I told Leif to wake up too and then we just sat there in the dark trying to figure out what had happened. I’m glad Canelo stayed calm and didn’t bark or want to go outdoors. At about 4:00 AM everything calmed down and we were able to still get some sleep for some hours. Leif asked at the reception in the morning what it was about but they said they were not allowed to tell. OK . . I can understand they were not but it kind of bothered us not to know.

June 29 Vaasa – Ähtäri – 261 km

We had planned to spend the day strolling around in Vaasa but we changed our plans to instead drive to the Replot island as we wanted both to experience the “new” bridge (there was no bridge before 1997) and also to enjoy the views in the Kvarken archipelago.

The day was warm and sunny and we had a wonderful time. In the afternoon we headed to “Tuurin kyläkauppa” a small village shop that has grown to be one of the biggest business and “must” place to see and visit also for tourists.

It now was about 6:30 PM so we looked up a nearby camping which was Ähtäri.

June 30 Ähtäri – Espoo – 350 km

In Ähtäri there is a Zoo for Finnish wild animals like elk, fox, wolf, lynx etc. The area is pretty huge. It’s situated in the woods. I sure would have liked to stay the day there but as Leif had not been able to go with me for such a long walk and neither could I had had Canelo with me we decided to actually go back home already. About half way home, on the motor way, when I was at the wheel I felt something happened. I told Leif, geeez . . something strange happened . . I looked out and saw in the mirror smoke coming from behind. I shouted OMG the cars on fire ! I managed to pull over and Leif got out and was reliefed the car was not on fire but we had got a flat tyre.

It was the first time in the 40 years I have been driving it happened to me. Luckily we had a spear tyre and the equipment with us so Leif was able to change the tyre.

I was a bit shaken and had Leif do the driving for the rest of the day. As always after staying a couple of days away, it is soooo nice to be back home.

2 thoughts on “On The Road

  1. Alice

    Niinpä, sanos muuta ! Oli tosin hiukan pelottava se leirintäaluejuttu. Rengasrikkokin sai jalat hetkeksi spagettimaiseksi. Mutta onneksi, loppu hyvin kaikki hyvin 🙂

  2. Pauliina

    Huh huh! Teidän reissuillanne kyllä aina sattuu ja tapahtuu =).
    Onneksi pääsitte kuitenkin ehjinä kotiin!


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