Bella, Peppi and Uni visiting

Canelo had a nice day yesterday with three cute friends visiting. In the afternoon a young girl from the neigborhood visited with her adorable, 3 months old golden, retriver Bella. Doesn’t it look like Bella is laughing ?

Later in the evening Elina came by with her cute little son and she had with her Peppi one year old and Uni 6 weeks. Canelo and Peppi really had fun.

The baby Uni of course was huggable. Vivianne’s mother who happened to come by went to wake up her and Jansku (it already was 9:30 PM) so they could come have a look too. Guess who want’s a puppy now ?



5 thoughts on “Bella, Peppi and Uni visiting

  1. Alice

    Hi Laura,
    Thanks for visiting. Yes . . . isn\’t the girl nice . . . she\’s the daughter of our neighbors.
    The background flower is a violet . . . soon there will be violets blooming in our garden too. . . maybe I make new background then 🙂

  2. Alice

    Aivan, kaikki ovat suloisia mutta vauva on aina vauva !  Sitä saa oiken jarruttaa kovasti ettei vaan ota lisää karvaisia kotiin 🙂

  3. Pauliina

    Aih. Ihan sydäntä särkee tuo pienin noista!!!! ( ovat muutkin oikein suloisia kyllä!) niin kertakaikkisen lutuinen pentu!


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