Greetings From Amsterdam

Day 1 2007-06-08

After a short, a little more that two hour, flight we stepped out the terminal to find out it was WARM. My goodness; + 35 degrees Celsius ! Nevertheless “people” wanted to make the about 3 km long distance from the hotel down town to go visit the “center” (the purposes of our trip) just by walking. Luckily we also had about 3 h of time so we were able to walk slowly, make stops, have something to drink etc. The “center” we visited really was interesting. We all were eyes/ears open and made many questions. Well then everybody wanted to also walk back ! Only . . . I had to give it up and take the tram ! I felt bad about it . . . like bit of cheating. In the evening we, all together, went out for dinner. When walking back to the hotel we could see there would be a terrible thunder any minute. Some of us got to the hotel before the thunderstorm kind of exploded. The rain was heavy. The hotel rooms were as warm as saunas but we all managed to get some sleep anyhow.


Day 2 2007-06-09

At 8:30 AM after a couple of mugs of coffee, toasts, egg, juice etc I was ready to go explore Amsterdam on my own. After some thinking I thought the about 3 km long walk yesterday down town had not, after all been, so bad so I decided to make the same walk again . . . now taking the time to take pictures and do whatever came into my mind. I stayed out on my own all day and had a wonderful time. I visited the Van Gogh Museum and the Diamond Museum. I strolled looking at flowers at the floating flower market. I had lunch at the Hans and Grejtien Restaurant where I just was enjoying the canal views, all the people, (many tourists) the amount of bikes, the lunch . . . everything.

In the evening we all (except 3 who still were out biking, they made a 50 km long tour) had dinner together. The dinner was a success compared to the dinner the evening before when some, unfortunately, had chosen some dishes they found out were too strange for them. After the dinner I thought a canal cruise would be nice. It turned out the others were not that interested so I told them not to worry I will do it by myself. Then two more decided to go with me on the 90 minute cruise. As we did not make it for the 9 o’clock PM tour we took the 10 PM tour. It turned out it was much more nice as it got more dark and all the illuminated bridges, buildings, boats were so beautiful in the evening. The boat was moving slowly down the canals almost without any sound of the motor. Oh I liked it. Unfortunately . . . and I knew it . . . my pictures would be no good at all. Just had to delete each and every one! We were back in the hotel at about midnight.

Day 3 2007-06-10

Next morning after breakfast five of us left to visit the Anne Frank Museum. We, again, went down town, this time by tram, to buy some tickets in order to avoid standing in line as the line, the day before, had been really a looong one. Bad luck . . . we got no tickets so if we wanted to go there we would have to stand line and buy the tickets right there. OK . . . off we went. The line actually was moving on very well and in no time at all we had our tickets and were able to see the place Anne, her family and the other four persons had been able to stay hidden in for so long. It all was just like she had written it in her diary. You could see it made people feel sad and bad about all that happened back then.

We still had many hours before we had to go back to the hotel so we all went to the floating flower market. I bought some tulip bulbs. It will be exciting to see if they will bloom next spring. I hope they will.

At 4 PM we all gathered at the hotel to go to the airport. We arrived at Helsinki airport at 10:26 PM. Leif and Canelo were there to meet me. Canlo was soooo happy to see me and vice verse.


2 thoughts on “Greetings From Amsterdam

  1. Alice

    Onneksi meidän ei tarvinnut ottaa jääkylmiä suihkuja. Vaikka olikin tosi kuuma niin en olisi pystynyt siihen.  Jurvaskalla alkoi flunssa jo Amsterdamissa sunnuntaina ja nyt taitaa sitten olla minullakin ! No parempi nyt kun että ensi viikolla loma alkaisin flunsalla.
    Paljon, paljon rapsuja Jamille

  2. Pauliina

    Näyttää Amsterdam kovin mukavalta, vaikka tuo lämpötila olisi musertanut minut kyllä… Hassua, mutta meidän talon hallitus ja johtoryhmä olivat myös Amsterdamissa viime viikolla. Lähtivät keskiviikkona ja palasivat perjatai-iltana.
    Heidän hotellistaan oli lämminvesivaraaja rikki, joten joutuivat ottamaan jääkylmiä suihkuja… ;).


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