Amsterdam . . . here we come ! Friday morning I am going to Amsterdam with my colleagues. We are a group of 10 persons. We are going to visit/bench mark a "center" in Amsterdam working in the same field we do. Hopefully to get some useful, good, new, fresh ideas.

I would have loved to go to Amsterdam during the tulip season in the early spring but as it’s not the right time for the tulip fields now I hope to be able to visit the Tulip Museum. There I can also buy some tulip bulbs and some other bulbs to plant in the fall to bloom next spring.

Av någon märklig orsak så har den här i slutet av 50-tals hitten bitit sig fast och jag går omkring och nynnar, gnolar och småsjunger den hela tiden. Mina några år äldre kusiner spelade den stup i kvarten på den tiden. Jag var faktiskt inte vidare förtjust i den då. Jag var nog för ung antar jag. Men som sagt, nu bara spelar den om och om och om i skallen på mig.

När det våras skickar jag till dig
tulpaner från Amsterdam
Jag ska skicka varje dag
till dig tulpaner från Amsterdam
Gula, röda ska dom glöda
jag ska svara och förklara
de som inga ord får fram
med tulpaner från Amsterdam

We, Leif and I, were in The Netherlands and Amsterdam in 1974. We visited Madame Tussaud’s, we took a canal and harbor tour. We actually saw our very first pizza there and had our very first espresso ! ! The flower market was beautiful. I had never seen as many flowers in my entire life.

I’m glad I have the opportunity to go there once more and am very much looking forward to see if I can recall anything after so many years.

Take care folks . . . see you next week !

4 thoughts on “Amsterdam

  1. Alice

    Hi Laura how nice to "see" you again. You are so right about the things about Holland. The sea, the special shoes, tulips etc. Also the canals are beautiful. We took a 90 minute canal cruise in the evening. The bridges, the buildings and boats were illuminated. So beautiful :)Hug my friend !

  2. Alice

    How nice to get greetings from Alabama. Thank you.Amsterdam really was beautiful and v e r y  warm, 95 F. I hope you will come visit again 🙂 

  3.   Hi, Alice,
      Haven\’t seen you for so long, : )
     I know Holland is a beautiful country for near to the sea, tulip, windmill, and its special shoes. Amsterdam is an important port and must be nice to visit in this summer.
     Frankly, I admire you can go abroad so frequently.
     Have a good and exciting trip!
    By Laura


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