Summer :)

This week I am on vaction. It has been so warm for many days now. Yesterday was the warmest + 30 C / 86 F. On Saturday and Sunday we (hubby, Canelo and me) were down by the lake with Vivianne and her friends. We all had such nice afternoons.

I don’t know if you can see it on the pict above but Canelo is all wet as he was swimming as were the girls.

Yesterday I was sad and cried most all afternoon as my ex colleague mailed to tell the very hard news about one of our ex colleague who has the cancer. She had told that it is now so bad that she is not going to make it.

We had planned to go on the road in the camper already on Monday but it turned out the camper still needed some of the electric in the car to be fixed. Now we are leaving in one hour. We are heading for the Åbo and Åland archipelago. It looks like it’s going to rain but I hope it will not rain all days. I hope the camper wil be ok and we will be able to make it all the way to Mariehamn. We will be back on Sunday if everything goes well.

Have a nice week all !


2 thoughts on “Summer :)

  1. Alice

    Huomenta Pauliina,Ehkä harkitsen tarkka päästänkö Leifiä enää yksin mihinkään matkalle ;)Käykää Pauliina ja Jami uimassa . . vesi on lämmin

  2. Pauliina

    Ai Leif on päässyt takaisin Suomeen onnellisesti? =)
    Meillä ei ollut täällä noin lämmintä, kosteaa kylläkin.
    Canelo onnellinen jo päässyt uimaan. Jami ei vielä.
    t. Pulina


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