EuroVision Song Contest In Helsinki 2007 - glitter text

It is going to be so exciting this year as the happening is in Helsinki. As I have been at home on sick leave I have not yet been able to see any of the arrangements made for the Eurovision song contest taking place in Helsinki. Also my bad luck  . . I am not at work next week  . . some of the events are taking place where I work. But I will go to town to check out the atmosphere. I heard on the news that some of the delegates though the weather here is too cold. Yes, it has been cold and also raining for the last few days but good thing is it looks like next week will be nicer.

Unfortunately my shoulder/neck still are bad so I just have to cut down using the computer for some more time as it is my right shoulder being bad and I can feel using the mouse is no good at all.

Wishing you all a most wonderful weekend !


4 thoughts on “EuroVision Song Contest In Helsinki 2007

  1. Alice

    Heipähei Marjuskainen,Kiitti käynnistäsi. Jooo löytyy muutakin kivaa :)Mielelläni kopioin sinulta jotain linkkejä kunhan ehdin niitä kaikkia tutkia.Aurinkoista viikkoa sinulle. t. Alice

  2. Marja

    Ihania nuo tekstit, niin värikkäitä ettei muuta kuvaa tarvitse ollenkaan. Kopioin sen linkin itselle,
    minun sivuilla on erilaisia linkkejä myös teksteihin. Käyhän katsomassa jos löytyy mieluista.
    Voi kun osaisin lukea näitä tekstejä, varmasti olisi mieenkiintoisia juttuja:)
    Kiitos vierailuistasi ja hyvää alkanutta viikkoa!

  3. Alice

    Hi,Pleased to meet you too 🙂 You are welcome to both be my e-mail friend and, if you would like to, a friend on my friend list.I am looking forward to visit you space and to hear from you.

  4. MiRan

    Hi!! ,nice to meet you. I am korean but i am living in Japan.Because I am studying Education in japan
    if you don\’t mind. I want to be your e-mail friend. I Ijust start my hotmail space.
    I am looking forward to your reply.


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