Week 17

Thank goodness for my four days a week off work. Yahooo ! Yesterday really was a crazy day at work ! Out of 6, practically, only 2 of us were in the office. The telephone went nuts and we got more requests by e-mail than usually ! Typical or what ?

Weather forecast for my days off

Today Thursday: cloudy, but it will be the warmest day of the spring so far. Plus 19 C / 66,2 F.

Friday: sun + 14 C / 57,2 F

Saturday: sun + 11 C / 51,8 F

Sunday: sun/clouds + 11 C / 51,8 F

We have no other plans for the weekend yet more than that my husband want’s to go to an other of those "markets" on Saturday. I have not yet decided wheather to go with him or not.

During the week I received a parcel by post from my cousin who had realized she forgot all about my birthday which was already long ago. She now sent me a gift, a very nice linen tablecloth. I like the colours. So my dear cousin, if you read this; Thank You ! But as I’m not sure you are reading my blog I will send you a thank you card.

Also during the week we got news and pictures about two newborn babies. The sister of our god-daughter had a little boy and my good friend Liisa became a "granny" to a very cute little girl. Congratulations to all in both families.

Huslige Hermann och hans fiskesoppa

Här skall det kokas den årliga abborrsoppan !

Åååh . . ser faktiskt ut som om fisken tänker smita.

Soppan klar att avsmakas. Ser lite blek ut.

Nej men . . han ser inte så glad ut. Är det för att ingen annan i familjen vill göra honom sällskap eller är soppan inte god ?


3 thoughts on “Week 17

  1. Hi, Alice,
       Thank you for letter of yesterday on April 29, 2007 and the picture of Canelo and his cute friend.
       You know, we will have 7 days holiday on May Day. It\’s a good news for everyone. I will have a trip to Shenyang and Fushun in the northeast of China on the holiday.
       What\’s the date of your birthday?
      Have a good time on MAY DAY HOLIDAY!
    By Laura

  2. Alice

    Hei,Kiitos, kyllä mieheni ilahtuu kuullessaan että pidit keiton herkullisen näköisenä :)Mukavaa viikonloppua ja iloista tulevaa vappua!

  3. Marja

    Herkullisen näköistä kalakeittoa 🙂 Kalaa juuri itsekin söin, se on hyvää…
    Mukavaa iikonloppua ja tulevaa vappua!


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