Brother in law and his daughter sent us some new pictures. When I saw them I just had to find a picture of the two of them in matching outfits I took eight years ago.when we visited them in Philippines. She was then four years old. A very cute and talkative little girl. We went to the school in the afternoons to meet her and every day on the way home she wanted to take the road back where there was a dalmatian she just adored ! She always wanted to treat the dog with something she and her dad bought on the way home.

I wish Philippines would be much closer to us so we would be able to meet them more often.

Here they are, father and daughter, on the last day at school before summer holidays. She is almost as tall as her dad and she looks adorable. As I already mentioned earlier I’m so very proud of being her tita Alice and I know my husband loves to be her uncle. Thank you Ufa and Patti for letting me put the picture on my space.She has a big brother too and we are as proud of being tita and uncle to him. He is already 19 years. We have actually no photos of him since he was about 10 years old. I hope you guys, if you read this, will send us more pictures.


2 thoughts on “Patti

  1. Marja

    Taisinpa hiukan väärin kirjoittaa sen jutun sivullani, onneksi en joudu minä niitä opettelemaan 🙂
    Ystäväperhe lähti lähetystyöhön Japaniin ja se on nyt heillä edessä…
    Hyvää loppuviikkoa!


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