Me And My Canelo

I must say there are not many pictures of me. Good thing is it’s mostly me behind the camera. I try to avoid being photographed as I’m not photogenic at all !

Well . . . today I had a haircut and asked my hubby, Leif, to take one picture just to show a friend of mine my new look. When hubby was about to shoot the pictures Canelo hopped up to sit beside me. He is so cute and hugable so I just had to hug him. Here are the pictures.

So How Do I Look ?

The picture to the left and below are the ones Leif took. The one to the right is one I took myself ! Leif says I look strange ! And he is right. I look strange but I cannot help . . . that is how I look !

My goodness . . . no neck at all ! But Canelo is cute.


8 thoughts on “Me And My Canelo

  1. Alice

    Thank you Liisa. Yes, I like your haircut. I saw it in Jennifer\’s wedding pictures. You look great ! Yes I also noticed your hair is really, really black and it looks nice. By and by I have been thinking of dying my hair black but I haven\’t had the guts to do it 🙂

  2. Liisa

    nice haircut!! you should see daughter dyed it black..thank God, my natural color is starting to grow back out..and i got it cut short..i think in Jennifer\’s wedding pictures that i sent you, i have it short there
    love your canelo !

  3. Alice

    Thank you Laura. What a lovely expression  "harmonious".  My eyes look black in the picture  . . . they are dark but I would say the colour is  dark brownish-green  heh-heh. But  my passport  just says; eyes brown !  Yes  Canelo\’s "hair" has grown  about 1, 5 – 2,0 cm already.It\’s already sometime ago since we last met on messenger . . so I hope we\’ll meet soon again.

  4. it\’s harmonious, Alice.
    I believe age is a kind of treature for everyone. Canelo\’s hair has become longer than before.
    Obviously, you are photogenic. Are you black eyes as same as me?
                                                                                                                         By Laura Yang

  5. Alice

    Voi kiitos Pauliiina ! Odotan sitten pian näkeväni kuva sivuillasi siistitystä mopista :)terkkuja ja rapsutuksia.

  6. Pauliina

    wau! upea kampaus! muistutti heti minulle, että pitää muistaa siivouttaa tukkansa tilalla oleva moppi ennen uuden työn alkamista =).
    canelolle terkkuja jamilta!
    t. pauliina ja jami


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