Down With The Flu

I was convinced I had made it through the winter without getting the flu ! How wrong I was. This is my 3rd day at home from work. I’m feeling better today. I have not been outdoors since Saturday so I will soon climb the walls. Canelo’s been so disappointed. When my hubby says; come let’s go for a walk Canelo gives me a look to check; you’r not going to come !

Yesterday was a warm and sunny day, about 9 degrees C. It was hard not to be able to go out and boooring. I was on the terrace for a few seconds to take couple of pictures of Canelo enjoying the spring sun.

He loved the winter and snow but I think he will love the spring and summer even more. In a few weeks it will be warm enought the keep the door to the terrace and backyard open all the time. Also the cats love it. They usually are staying outdoors in the summertime most all day and late in the evening. There is a about 1,8 m high fence so they are unable to escape. Only the fence really looks awful ! I think we will have a new nicer one soon. Hubby and our new neighbor already been talking about it.


4 thoughts on “Down With The Flu

  1. Marja

    Ihana hauveli 🙂 En ensin aikonut laittaa viestiä kunnes huomasin että profiilissa luki Finland, itse kun en osaa kieliä yhtään 😦
    Kiitos kun kävit vierailulla, tulin heti uudestaan! Hyvää alkavaa viikkoa!

  2. Alice

    Laura my sweet friend . . .  thank you.I agree with your mum about that vegies and fruits are good for you. You are right about the good mood and smiles too  . . specially opening my space and seeing your lovely cheering comments make me smile and feel so good 🙂

  3. I\’m sorry to hear that you got a flu, Alice.
    my mum says vegetables and fruits are good for you
    keep a glad mood and smile will decrease the pain, I think so. : )
    Canelo looks lovely as same as before, he is showing his little tougue on the right picture, hehe


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