A Pile Of Books

Look what a pile of books I bought yesterday ! ! ! I went to the bookstore just to look around a bit and ended up with six books ! Well . . . there was this offer, on already reduced prices, "buy 3 . . pay 2". I usually complain when my hubby buy motor magazines like old cars, new cars, old bikes etc ! I think they are too expensive ! When he saw my pile of books he said nothing but bought a new magazine !

All titels and authors are unknown to me but from what I learned from the reviews I think it will be interesting reading. So . . I will be busy reading for the next couple of weeks !


2 thoughts on “A Pile Of Books

  1. Alice

    Yes Laura. .  I remember mentioning one of Amy Tan\’s books to you. How interesting that you and your friend have seen the film JOY LUCK CLUB based on her same name novel. I will try to find the book either at the library or bookstore. You are right, STELLA DESCENDING is a book in english. Of the six books 4 are in swedish and two in english.

  2. so many books, Alice
    once time, you mentioned Amy Tan on MSN with me, and then I searched her in search engine. And her Chinese name is 谭恩美,which is the transliteration of Amy Tan. I, with my roommates saw a film called JOY LUCK CLUB filmezed her same name novel.  : )
      the above books, STELLA DESCENDING sounds like an English book, right?


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