What on earth was I thinking

What on earth was I thinking of to shorten Canelo’s coat at this time of the year ! ! He felt so uncomfortable losing his coat. Both cats were staring at him not believing it was him and, me, yes I was more or less in a shock of being such a stupid fool to do such a thing now instead of waiting for a month or so for the spring and the warm and sunny days ! Good thing is it’s not really very cold now, like it was couple of weeks ago, so he is actually doing fine. Also both he and all of us are getting used to see him looking so different. Well one reason for cutting his coat now was it got so many "takkuja". Couldn’t think of a good word for it in english. Maybe clods would be the word for it !

27 Feb 2007


4 thoughts on “What on earth was I thinking

  1. Alice

    Kiitti Pulina. Olikin aikamoinen yllätys nähdä Canelon "nakuna". En osannut yhtään arvata että olisi "pilkullinen" 🙂 Meistäkin hän on tosi söpö "karvattomanakin". Jamille pusuja !  

  2. Alice

    Thank you Laura . . . you are so sweet  . . . and you make me so happy with your  nice and stimulating comments.Yes new year, new coat . . . already you can see the coat has grown a bit in a week Have a nice weekend Laura 🙂

  3. oh, the pity Canelo, and my dear Alice 
    little Canelo looks really different from before. When I saw the picture firstly before reading your words, I thought Canelo have a new friend in his dog family.
    anyway, new year, with new coat, right? 
    Wish Canelo could get better after a while.
      By Laura


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